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As Hippocrates stated – may your life become your medicine.It was easy to say in his time but now days the foods we consume don’t have the same nutritional value as in his days. Modern foods ever-increasingly lack the basic vitamins, minerals, trace elements we need. This is even true to vegetables, fruits, cereals that look healthy. No wonder that though we strive to eat healthy foods, our immune systems are weak and our bodies’ capacity to regenerate is on the decline.

This sad fact has led us to follow Albert Szent-György’s footsteps and to produce natural flavonoid based dietary supplements with antioxidant effects.

Our company’s products contain nature’s perfectly balanced active ingredients.

Re-discovered the medicinal and herbs, which are already well known to our grandparents. We have re-discovered the same medicinal herbs that our grandparents knew about and used.

All these materials are arranged in a way that they meet modern man’s needs and that the elements strengthen each other’s effects.

While maintaining the original condition of these precious ingredients we use the most modern tools of science to present them in bottle or capsule form in order to ensure that these agents are easily accessed by our customers.

We don’t bring you a miracle on a platter but we do strive to fulfill our promises to guarantee health enhancing products to our customers.

The information on this website is of a general scope and is not meant to be in direct connection to our products or their contents and effects.

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