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Flavan capsules

Dietary supplement capsules containing polyphenols and inulin flavones with antioxidant properties


NOTICE: the product’s raw fruit material contains polyphenols and flavonoids that have antioxidant effects and are therefore essential parts of our daily dietary needs.

Our bodies do not produce these compounds. We get them through eating food or food supplements.

The daily intake of antioxidants is extremely important for keeping us healthy.

The product’s raw fruit content contain a high amount of polyphenol.

We foremost recommend this product to consumers who want long lasting antioxidant activity in their metabolism.

INGREDIENTS: dried grape powder, inulin, gelatin, dried black currants, blackberry, black cherry granules

DIRECTIONS: 2 capsules daily before meals.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake!

Keep out of reach of children!

The dietary supplement is not a substitute for a mixed balanced

diet and healthy lifestyle!


Total polyphenol content: 88 mg

Inulin content: 220 mg

PRESENTATION: 30 pieces, 60 pieces

OÉTI n. no.: 5526/2009

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