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Naturlife Wheatgrass Juice

Dietary supplements with wheatgrass juice, watercress and green algae


INFORMATION: No part of wheatgrass juice is considered a drug.
It’s consumption as a dietary supplement is recommended because of its vitamin C and polyphenol content.
The effects of consuming wheatgrass juice, watercress and green algae are well known.

INGREDIENTS: Wheatgrass, watercress, Spirulina (green algae) solution, malt dextrin, pectin, vitamin C.
RECOMMENDED USE: 20 grams (one packet) daily
Do not exceed the recommended daily intake!
Keep out of reach of children!
The dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced mixed diet and healthy lifestyle.

Vitamin C: (50% RDA) 30 mg
Total polyphenol: 60 mg

PRESENTATION: 12 x 20 g (pack)
OÉTI n. no.: 5533 / 2009

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