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We are obliged by a calling

The Naturlife brand has been on the market of natural dietary supplements for almost 10 years. Created by the SzV&M Llc. in 2000 with the purpose of improving people’s health and quality of life it is Naturlife’s ongoing mission and determination to high standard natural additive-free products.
Proof of the success and constant improvement is that we supply not only our own brand but also numerous other patented name brands with our products.

Production Quality


Our products come from the highest standard and most well equipped Hungarian laboratories and factories which have passed strict quality control qualifications such as GMP, ISO, and HACCP. In the interest of keeping our customers’ trust and satisfaction as well as to meet the demands of an ever growing market we strive to always improve our products’ quality. For this reason it is of utmost importance to watch and take into account the changes in European health laws.  As a quality policy we work together with OÉTI specialists in order to guarantee the suitability of our dietary supplements. The attendance of MÉKISZ science conferences greatly helps us in the perfection of our products and services.

Commerce and marketing


A well thought and balanced price policy makes it possible for us to take part in a variety of market segments where the growing number of vendors and customers can both be satisfied. Our products have a stable presence in Hungarian pharmacies and drug stores. We supply wholesale stores but also cater for the needs of individual clients thanks to well developed and great working logistics partners. We launched a member network website in 2010 where all our products are available for purchase. Through realistic promises we have achieved a stable and ever growing client base.

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